How to Get Rid of Mice in the Garage

Naturally, mice are attracted to the garage. Garages offer warmth, shelter and they can also get inside easily. Before they match to your house, they will first enter the garage. And it is just a matter of months before it becomes a serious crisis if left unchecked. 

Why do you think mice love the garage?

    The temperature offers warmth

This happens when it gets cold. Mice are always out in search of shelter and warmth and your garage will be the only solution for them. 


Almost all garages have clutters. It is their function to house all the mice that live in your garage.

    Access to bird seeds

All the edibles including dog foods are usually stored in the garage by most homeowners, no lie. This gives the mice a chance to get their way to those food containers. 

    Nesting materials

Most garages contain so many materials, like papers, cotton, debris, cupboard, etc. those are typical mice goldmines. 


The most common method of getting rid of mice is by use of traps and baits, more especially in the garages. Before using a trap or bait, it is important that you bear a lot in mind.

  • All poisonous traps are very threatening to kids and pets in the house.
  • Spring traps with tasty treats are also very dangerous to our kids and pets.
  • Rodents carry so many diseases and parasites, it is, therefore, necessary to dispose of the body wearing protective clothing like gloves.
  • Glue traps are meant to stick and starve the mice until they are dead but do not kill them instantly. 


Using traps to get rid of mice from your garage is a very simple procedure. 

  1. The first step is to determine the mice entry points and where they hide thereafter. You can identify the entry spots and be hiding spots using droppings. 
  2. After identifying the two spots, place baits in those particular locations or a place near that location. You can as well have them along the walls, in-house corners, and under all the furniture. 
  3. It is important that the baits you pick on are very effective. For quick results, use cheese in cartoons, peanut foods, or chocolates because they are the biggest fan of this kind of foods. 
  4. Ensure that you keep checking the bait in case any mouse has been trapped. If your trap is humane, then ensure that the mice are released at least 1 to 2 miles away. If your trap is the traditional type, then dispose of the bodies as soon as possible. 


By any chance you have pets and kids around, ensure that they do not get near the baits or to be safer, ensure that your chosen traps are non-toxic. The best choice of traps for families with kids and pets are the humane traps. You can as well become creative enough and build a homemade trap. 

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